Changes coming in 2012!

Thank you world!!!

We have grown to 20,000+ items on our site with our founding vendor – Record Exchange of Saint Louis, MO. Begun in 1977, Record Exchange has one of the largest selections of records – LP, 45s, and 78s in all genres. Add to that CDs, DVDs, Laserdiscs, VHS and books – you have just overfilled a former library building with treasures!

To improve the site, we are working on adding the following:

  • Standard catalog information – artists, songs, play times, versions, etc.
  • “Want List” function – with or without some sort of email notification
  • Expanded categories – for example, Blues will have Delta Blues, Jump Blues, Chicago Blues, Electric Blues, etc.
  • Expanded information – for example, song titles, release date, versions released, artists, etc. ¬†Also we will have multiple pictures on particular items.
  • Focus on finding an album first, learn about it, make sure it is the right one. Then see it in other formats, conditions, prices, etc. from multiple vendors.

We want our site to be THE place that you turn to when you are looking for music information or availability. Our interface will be reworked, we are working on a smartphone version, coupons and promotions, etc. We want this to become a daily stop on your journeys.

To do that, we need to offer items from other vendors – we have a poster warehouse, a comic book store, and a classical music collector all coming on board as new vendors after the first of the year.

Put a record on, log into our site, check us out.
Turn the album over for Side B – check out our side B’s.
Repeat daily.

Happy Holidays and have a good (but safe) New Year’s celebration!!!


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